Skill Practice Sheets - Each sheet includes Examples, Guided Practice and Practice Problems.

1.  Lines and Angles (core) 9.  Classifying Quadrilaterals (core)
2.  Parallel and Perpendicular Lines (core) 10.  Congruent Triangles
3.  Midpoints and Bisectors 11.  Slides, Flips, and Turns (core)
4.  Polygons (core) 12.  Line Symmetry
5.  Find a Pattern (core) 13.  Lines and Planes in Space
6.  Triangles (core) 14.  Prisms and Pyramids
7. Classifying Triangles (core)  
8.  Diagonals and Angles of Quadrilaterals  (core) Answer Keys

Angles with parallel lines  Interactive Site

Complementary Angles  Interactive Site

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