Number Theory and Fraction Concepts

Skill Practice Sheets - Each sheet includes Examples, Guided Practice and Practice Problems.

1.  Factors and Divisibility 11.  Equivalent Fractions
2.  Primes and Composites 12.  Simplest Form
3.  Prime Factorization 13.  Least Common Denominator
4.  Exponents 14.  Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers
5.  Prime Factorization and Exponents 15.  Improper Fractions, Quotients, and Mixed Numbers
6.  Greatest Common Factor 16.  Ordering Fractions and Mixed Numbers
7.  Least Common Multiple 17.  Writing Equivalent Fractions and Decimals
8.  Problem Solving 18.  Changing a Fraction to a Decimal
9.  Writing Fractions  
10.  Estimating Fractional Amounts Answer Keys

Equivalent Fractions  Interactive Site  Enter the correct numbers into the boxes to make a series of equivalent fractions.



Prime Numbers

Reducing Fractions

Sequencing Fractions Interactive Site    Sequence fractions in ascending order.


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