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Investigation 1
Graphing Lines in Slope Intercept Form

Graphing Lines in Standard Form

Graphing Practice

Rewrite Standard Form in Slope Intercept Form

Rewrite Slope Intercept Form in Standard Form

Find Slope, x-Intercept and y-Intercept

Investigation 1 Additional Practice  (Key)

Writing Systems of Equations from Text  (Key)

Solving Systems by Graphing  (Key)

Investigation 2

Solving by Substitution

Solving Systems - All Methods   (7-4 Key), (7-3 Key), (7-2 Key)

Word Problems and more Solving  (Key)

Systems of Equations Word Problems  (Key)

Investigation 2 Additional Practice  (Key)

Investigation 3

Solving Inequalities for x

Solving Inequalities for x and Graphing Solutions  (Key)

Investigation 4

Graphing Inequalities with 2 variables tutorial

Graphing Inequalities with 2 variables instruction

Graphing Linear Inequalities

Writing Systems of Inequalities  (Key)

Graphing Systems of Inequalities

Solving Systems of Inequalities Word Problems  (Key)

Systems of Equations and Inequalities Review

Systems of Inequalities Practice   (Key)








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