Pre-Algebra Basics

Skill Practice Sheets - Each sheet includes Examples, Guided Practice and Practice Problems.

1.  Integers on a Number Line 12.  Order of Operations with Parentheses
2.  Absolute Value 13.  Solving One Step Equations
3.  Comparing and Ordering Integers 14.  Solving Two Step Equations
4.  Addition of Integers 15.  Coordinate Plane
5.  Subtraction of Integers 16.  Comparing Rational Numbers
6.  Multiplication of Integers 17.  Computing With Rational Numbers
7.  Division of Integers 18.  Solving Equations With Rational Numbers
8.  Problem Solving 19.  Exponents and Square Roots
9.  Order of Operations 20.  Evaluating Expressions with Exponents
10.  Translating Words to Algebra 21.  Pythagorean Theorem
11.  Evaluating Algebraic Expressions Answer Keys


Order of Operations

Square Roots

Substitution Practice  Interactive Site


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